Our People

We leverage cutting-edge technology to drive impactful change. Our engineering team brings a wealth of experience and expertise, enabling us to confidently tackle projects of any scale or complexity. From crafting bespoke software solutions to optimizing cloud infrastructure and extracting valuable insights from data, our dedication lies in delivering results that consistently surpass expectations.

Our Leadership

Meet our Founder, Neelima Rao Peechara, a dynamic entrepreneur passionate about fostering innovation through technology.

Neelima's Vision:

Neelima founded Augmentare in 2005 and is the visionary force behind the company. With a keen eye for identifying opportunities in the ever-evolving tech landscape, she is committed to utilizing disruptive methods to propel organizational success and evolution.

She Champions Amazing People:

Neelima believes in the power of people. She is dedicated to supporting the incredible talent within our team and nurturing an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning. Her leadership style empowers each team member to contribute their unique skills, creating a culture where innovation thrives.

Her Inclusive Approach:

Neelima recognizes that true innovation stems from diverse perspectives. With her ability to assimilate the spectrum of different organizational and functional levels, she understands the importance of harnessing the abilities of all team members and collaborating with a variety of partners and stakeholders. This inclusive approach ensures that Augmentare remains agile and responsive to the varied needs of our clients.

Professional Background:

With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Neelima brings a unique blend of skills and perspectives to the tech industry.

Neelima has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and comes from a long career of professional practice, gradually increasing her role in executive management at clinics. Besides working directly with patients, Neelima's role grew progressively at the famous Jackson Clinics to include people and operations management. She was responsible for ensuring continuous education for her staff, overseeing a team of facility managers, and identifying opportunities for organizational growth. Her diverse experience and interdisciplinary background enhance Augmentare's ability to address complex challenges, providing holistic solutions beyond traditional boundaries.

Join Neelima and the Augmentare team on our journey to redefine what's possible.

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